Running an Online Home-Based Business – Building The Mindset For Success

Ever had one of those days when you felt in control and knew that everything was going to go just right?

Well if you are doing business online, then this is what you will want to experience more often than not. You do not want to be mired in doubt, confusion or consternation about what you are about and what outcomes to expect.

Because running a home based online business exposes you to so much needless distraction, you want to have the type of mindset that minimizes the effects of this level of exposure.

Having a mindset with those characteristics will not come out of mere luck. It will emerge as a result of adopting some very important principles on how you run your online home based business.

Among the more important of these principles are:

* Defining your end-game as clear as possible. Because you know where the end zone is, then you know what to drive for.
* You know what the core of your business is. In one sentence you can describe what your business is about.
* You know what it takes to keep your business going and growing.
* You know what tools and systems you will need to run and support your business.
* You are focused on acquiring and using only those tools and do not get distracted by the promise of what seem dubious.
* You do not undermine your own efforts by skipping all over the internet looking for that magic bullet. You know the magic bullet is right there in the plans you have put together for your business.

And further, as you establish and base your actions on these principles you develop associated mantras to keep you tuned in to what you are really supposed to be about.

Here are some key mantras to help in this regard:

* I am online to run a business, not to chase business opportunities.

* Because I have chosen to chase only my business goals, I have conditioned my mind, my emotions and my resolve to react only to those resources that will result in me attaining those goals.

* Through my actions, I have to demonstrate to my subconscious that I have the utmost respect for my time, financial resources, my mindset and my skills.

* If I fully respect my time, financial resources, mindset, and skills then they in turn will create in me a level of focus that will allow me to attain a higher level of efficiency in my thinking and in my actions.

* My online business ventures and the tools that support them are the result of deliberate decisions on my part that are in keeping with my personal goals for my life.

Running an online business has unique challenges that call for a particular mindset if you are going to be successful. Pay as much attention to developing this mindset as you pay to developing your business plans.

What We Need To Do To Save the American Educational System Part Two

In my previous article, the failure of the American Educational System was briefly described. There are a number of recent studies indicating there is a problem. What then, needs to be done to save the educational system or should we abandon it and leave the education of the young entirely to parents?

I strongly suggest the use of an approach called analysis of failure. The primary premise of the analysis of failure approach is the examination of that which fails, to determine the causes of failure, and to propose workable solutions. Consequently, a first question educators, parents, and government officials must ask of themselves and of the public is what is it schools are to do? Once that question is answered, it then may be determined if the educational system delivered it promised product.

If the system has not delivered on its promised product (an educated citizenry), then an evaluation of that system is required to determine why it failed, that is, there must be an analysis of failure. Failure analysis is the process of collecting and analyzing data for one purpose and one purpose only, determining the cause of failure. There is nothing necessarily new about failure analysis. It’s been a major and important aspect of many branches of the manufacturing industry. Even the federal government has used it.

Admittedly, there will be those who will condemn such an approach by claiming education is not manufacturing nor is it a business. That is wrong. Education is, to borrow a slogan from a leading industry, “our most important product.” Failure analysis collects failed components and examines the cause(s) of that failure. In education, one of those components is certainly teacher competency. Another is student participation in their own learning processes. Others would include the use of technology as a teaching tool, consistency of standards at state and local levels, public expectations, and societal needs. Other components in need of examination could be named. No aspect of the educational process should be left unexamined. What steps need to be taken to bring success to our national educational system?

That question will be addressed in the next article.

Norman W Wilson, PhD

A Guide on Successful Product Creation and Internet Marketing

Product creation in Internet marketing is getting stiffer and stiffer nowadays owing to tough competition between Internet-based businesses. Putting up a new product requires plenty of brainpower and finances along with an ability to take risk. With that, even if you have the product well-set already, you have to position it strategically in the Internet landscape for others to notice. You should get the interest of Web users and turn them to actual customers. Aside from the usual physical products, many different products that thrive well on Internet marketing include E-books, membership sites, and video lectures.

The long and difficult process of product creation begins with ideas. They are easy to get – compared to the effort that comes with analyzing the market for that idea. Before the idea turns to a product, businesses often spend money, even amounting to millions of dollars, to ensure the success of the new product that emerges from an idea. Businesses undertake many types of market research and surveys before releasing their products to the public. Now, you may think that because your business is small, you can’t afford research or you don’t have to do research; you can and you should. The Internet allows you to disseminate materials needed for your market study to many people at once without your having to spend a cent.

It is a common maxim in business: Look at your destination first before mapping out your journey. So what are the goals you intend to accomplish with your product creation ventures? The everyday travails of your business may make you forget the end in sight. On the other hand, prepare to entertain new developments that come to your mind in your product creation. Your conception of a product may have started this way, but a few tweaks here and there along with some market research results and it ends up another way. Take it as the result of a creative process, not as a failure to reach your goal. After all, your product creation activities are intertwined with a long-term goal that you should strive to sustain at your utmost: profit generation. So if your less profitable initial idea evolves to a more profitable product, be thankful!

With your product made up already, start doing some aggressive Internet marketing. A product purchase typically comes after more than five times a customer is exposed to an informative call-to-buy message. Thus it is important to get the contact details, like the e-mail address, of potential customers who are on the brink of a sale. Use the results of your market research to determine the demographics to which you should concentrate your marketing efforts.

With consistent product creation, you can make an inventory of your products that you can market in due time. Just keep making products – the moment you succeed in making and marketing a product, customers are surely wanting more from you, so give it to them. Keep them on your side through constant product creation.